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Benefits Of Having Red Lentils in Your Diet

red lentils

Lentils are seen as highly nutritious legumes that are little round fit. The lentils come in various tastes and textures. Some of its colours include red, black, yellow, green, and brown and so on. However, red lentils are the ones that have a sweet flavour. It turns into golden colour whenever we cook. Organic Red lentils are the ones that are highly nutritious and offer several benefits.

In this blog, you will get to know the benefits of having red lentils in your diet. So let’s have a glimpse of that.

Excellent Source of Fibre

Organic red lentils are highly loaded up with fibres that benefit every human. If you see, one cup of Red lentil consists of 40 gm of Carbohydrates. From this 40 gm, around 15 gm has high dietary fibre. In addition, 3.4 gm of the cooked lentils are also available in the cup of cooked lentils, which doesn’t have any high impact on raising the bloodstream sugar level.

High in Protein

Apart from Fibre, lentils also hold a high amount of Protein. If you measure, one cup of red lentils contains 17.8 gm of Protein. Organic red lentils satisfy the protein requirement in women by 38% and in Men by 32%. Also, it doesn’t hold enough amino acids. Eating red lentils with plant-based proteins like black beans complete the whole needs of the body for a day.

Rich in B-Vitamins

It contain high nutrients, which are rich in vitamins. Also, consumption of them in foods is highly beneficial. It is high in Vitamin B6, Thiamine, and Pantothenic acid. If you consume only one cup of Organic red lentils, it contains 358 micrograms of Vitamin B9, also called Folate. This folate is very important to synthesize the RBC and DNA that aids in energy metabolism.

Source of Iron

It is highly rich in iron. If you cook 6.6 milligrams of red lentils and consume them, it will be beneficial. Also, if a Man consumes Red lentils, it fulfils the 80% requirement of Men. On the other side, a woman needs 18 milligrams of iron.

Besides this, some of the health benefits of red lentil are as follows:

Boosts Heart Health

Just because red lentils are rich in Fibre, adding them to the daily diet helps support heart health. Through magnesium, it is easy to improve the blood flow, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The Folate present in it helps to avoid the damage of artery cells. This will further reduce the risk of heart problems.

Helps in Weight Management

It is also helpful in managing the weight of the body. They don’t have a high calorific value which is good. Also, it is rich in protein and fibre, which is a great way to feel good for a long time. It also helps prevent the piling on unnecessary weight.

Helps to Build Immunity

The essentials available in Organic red lintels help to build the immune system of the body. Also, these antioxidants help to destroy the radicals present in the human body. Further, they serve as an antioxidant that is good to promote healthy skin.

Helps to Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

Red lentils have high dietary fibre that is beneficial for humans. It helps to stabilize the blood sugar level and keeps the person fit.

Boosts energy

Consumption of Red lentils plays a great role in transporting the oxygen in the blood and during the energy production process. As the deficiency in iron is the cause of tiredness and fatigue, red lentils are a good addition to the diet. If a pregnant woman adds Red lentils to her diet, there will be more risk of iron deficiency.

Now that you are aware that the Red lentils are a powerhouse of nutrients, you can add this to your daily diet and make your living healthier.

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