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Moong Split washed kebab


1. Soak moong split washed lentils overnight. Drain the water in the morning and let it sit for another day or two until lentils sprout.

2. Blend the sprouted moong to a smooth paste. Add a little amount of water to make the paste. You can make a coarse paste, if you like the crunch of sprouted moong

3. Peel the boiled sweet potato and mash it. (This can be replaced with normal potato.)

4. Add moong sprout, sweet potato and all the other ingredients (except oil) in a mixing bowl and bind everything together into a soft dough.

5. Make small kebab-shaped balls out of the dough and keep them aside.

6. Now heat a pan and pour some oil to it. Add the kebabs and shallow fry them till both the sides are crispy and golden brown in colour.Try our delicious moong kebab recipe and tell us about it. Also, tell us about your healthy moong lentil recipes.


1 cup Moong Split Washed Lentils

2 tbsp Olive Oil

Salt to taste

2 Boiled Potatoes

1 tbsp Cornflour

1/2 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder

1 chopped Onion

2-3 finely chopped Green Chilli’s

Coriander leaves to garnish

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