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Organic Wheat Maida 500g

Organic Wheat Maida is a finely milled refined and bleached wheat flour that is similar to cake flour. Instead of chemical bleaching, it is bleached naturally with air oxygen. Wheat maida flour is used frequently in making fast food, bakery goods, and confectionery, among other things. Wheat Maida is used to making a variety of traditional bread-like paratha, naan, kulcha, rumali roti, and so on. It is consumed widely in practically all Indian homes. As organically produced maida is utilised in various foods, it has pleasant and mouth-watering results. Whole wheat pasta is a popular choice among health-conscious customers. Wheat maida is healthier than regular maida because wheat grain contains a lot of fibre, vitamins, phosphorus, and selenium. Wheat maida flour can be used to produce samosas, pizza bases, and appetizers. It also provides your body with iron and magnesium.